Dec 22, 2011

I's MARRIED NOW Facebook Style!

In the run of a day, we can go on Facebook and find a lot of people interacting on many different levels. With Facebook adding so many different new features trying to keep up with the Joneses, we never know what is going on, on the site from day to day. One of the things you will notice on the site is how many people claim to be married that really aren't.  

If you go around your community on a daily basis, look at the hands of our young black women and men of marrying age. You will mostly find an empty ring finger, even when there is a pregnant belly present. We are just not marrying each other.  We are accepting all the responsibility of marriage without the ceremony. But this time I am not going to go deeper. I am going to keep this on the surface.

A lot of African American females still have the desire to be married, it is apparent by how many single males are betrothed on Facebook to two or more females unbeknownst to the other. There is still the sense to belong, but our methods of getting to the altar has been all but altered and replaced by just Facebook statuses. In the run of a week, a female can be in a relationship, married, and then single, skipping over the divorced option due to not one of those statuses being correct except the single option. Sometimes the only thing that had changed was that they went from being single, to finding a person who came to their home and said a few nice things to them, in order to get some sex. Then it is off to Facebook to change their status to wedded bliss. 

So is Facebook the new wedding ring?

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