Oct 4, 2010

Music That You Don't Need to Sleep On: Tiffany Evans

Tiffany Evans on any given day can out sing anything on the charts! Her talent is one of the most slept on in this day and age due to the fact that she refuses to sell out. Her love of God, music, family and fans may be the reason she is not mainstream, but that doesn't take away from the raw talent she has. I am amazed by her humbleness and sweet spirit, and the industry desperately needs a voice like hers to breathe life back into it with her true talent. Here is her new song called "I'll Be There" ! I am sorry but THIS song is GRAMMY material!! 

You can also catch her on Twitter/Facebook/Myspace  to support such a great artist!


  1. Tiffany evans is def. one of the most slept on artist today...This girl have on of the graetest voices i have ever heard...I have been listening to her for like seven years now, and she has been one of my favs for a while. She was singing like a grown woman at the age of ten! I thought she should have been a huge star then!

  2. We always have people complaining about there being no real talent or real singers for the most part, Yet people WILL NOT support the talent that IS out there.

    I have yet to see people request this song on BET, or MTV...

    That is why I know for a fact, people don't want talent overall... they want image.. sex. and anything demonic.

    That is why I don't listen or accept into my spirit all this crap they put on the radio or television. While screaming "Rap is dead", R&B is dead because they don't support it we don't support the very thing that keeps us alive. R&B should not be mistreated this way.

    Artists like Tiffany can keep it alive.