Oct 2, 2010

The Breakdown: What the Hell did ANDRE 3000 mean?

After letting the Deuces remix run past my ears initially, I wasn't as impressed as I thought I would be. With rap being more of a distraction these days, than it is an education on our verbal and spiritual growth as listeners, I gave it a twice over, then a thrice over... I kept listening.

I rode my Segway over to Twitter and turned the motor off, confused because I saw that everyone had dozed off, on one of the illest rappers of our time, Andre 3000.  I read complaint after complaint about his verse on the "Deuces Remix" being boring, bad, and even stupid. I immediately saw what it was. People listened to the words, but they did not understand the meaning of those words. Because he is Andre 3000, and not Andy 2000, He even predicted that people wouldn't get what he was saying in his verse. So, I HAD to blog this as a release for me. So if you really want to know what Andre meant.... give this a read.

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From the laid back cadence Andre 3000 uses in this song, to the broken but deliberate delivery, I felt from the moment he began to recite his verse, that he was playing the role of Chris in the scenario, sort of a devil's advocate if you will. Gone are the days when Chris can speak for himself without each word being dissected and thrown back at him in ways that bruises the soul, and stunts the progress that he has made. It was nothing short of plain genius to use Andre as that "able" voice to express what this "Deuces" remix was really all about. Andre's verse was as if he was allowing Chris to speak of himself in third person without the ridicule and scrutiny.

So as you listen to Andre's words, remember what Chris was going through over these past few years, and see how Andre expressed it as if he was speaking as Chris.....

Andre 3000:
The farewell email, from a female but I'm a player, I'm not going to tell you all the details. 
What it entails is hard to say like selling seashells by the seashore.
but she's not a bore, but neither a whore , who needs to know more 
The kind you can't ignore, but want to open the door...for

This is speaking on how media and the public (farewell email) can push and pressure two people apart. It can be an all out media circus that disallows two people the closure that many of us desire from our failed relationships. To live in the public eye, and then be forced to end something you were not ready to end, is awkward, painful and confusing. When Andre said "you can't ignore but want to open the door for", he is pointing out that wanting to open the door to working things out between each other, but massive interference not giving you that luxury, can cause a lot of emotions to manifest through action or inaction. You may want to try to work things out, (open the door) because you can't ignore the urge to seek closure to the problem. Without that resolution, how can you move on?

Andre 3000:
Or, When in your favorite store you leave with all them shopping bags and half of it ain't yours
I did thangs for, I ain't rich I ain't poor, I wanted to do more but, Hell I just ain't know her

Andre goes places many are afraid to, and this part is representative of that. This is speaking on how you are with the one you love (favorite store) you can give so much to the relationship (using shopping bags as the euphemism) yet your actions don't spark the reciprocal emotions or actions to let you know that you weren't alone in the situation. Which may have caused hesitation in doing more, until you had tangible proof of the feelings that the other person may have or may not have for you.(I ain't rich I ain't poor) It is like not knowing fully if the very person you have already been seduced by, is there for you or their own selfish agenda. You just don't know. 

Andre 3000:
Well enough to know if this was all that she came for, But enough to know tonight excited she came four Times, to my cousin house to see if I was there, get your minds out the gutter man, 
we out here trying to have a good time

When you are seeing signs that what you are feeling may be one sided, and even more evidence that it may all be just for publicity, again you hesitate. When the ego is not appeased, you may force your own hand and test it, even in dysfunctional ways. But when you do, THEN to see effort on the person's part, ( excited she came four times) you still cannot be sure.  Then Andre plays with the listeners because he knew people would assume that at that part of the verse he was talking about the sex....

Andre 3000:
And here I am all heavy with the words,Where Somebody that's a nerve likely fast foward 
But, shit they asked for it

When Andre wrote this part, he knew many would not understand its purpose.He also knew  how he expressed it, many wouldn't get it due to it being him playing a role rather than speaking from his OWN point of view. Andre 3000 knows that people expect that next level from him. So Andre is quick to point out that fact with an accusatory tone,  to remind you that it is what you expected, and this is what he gave you.  That alone shows the power of words, and the ample ability on his part to not only be cognitive of that fact, but also willing to remind you.  

Andre 3000:
It's hard to throw up the deuces, cuz when you know it's juicy,
You start to sound like Confucious when making up excuses

We have all witnessed Chris express his moving on from the past, but in his music we also find remnants that express that he hasn't. Therein lies the possibility that it is hard for him to fully move on when there are still parts of the past that he may feel is still of value and hard to let go of. The mind and heart may still register things about that bond that you had that is still worth salvaging, because it still has value (juicy) It is not always as easy as it seems to let go of it when that is the case. We all got to witness the apologies, and the deleted tweets, and outbursts trying to reclaim the support Chris felt he deserved. Everything that Chris knew to try in order to regain what he lost, he did. And as a result it became a frequent and a winding road of apologies and carefully spoken statements that many in the media dismissed as him making excuses for his mistakes.

Andre 3000:
Chase the Cabooses till the track gone, I got to find me a new locomotive, Stop making sad songs

This last sentence is as if Andre felt that wise advice to Chris is the best way to end this chapter of the song, without breaking character as Chris's conscience. Andre giving a solution at this point of the song is wise rather than just waste the whole track just trying to be the one to have the hottest play on words. It is about Andre making his words count, rather than just sound good coming from his tongue, to the listeners ears. He did that by letting Chris know what should be the next course of action. It is time to move on quickly (locomotive), and to not dwell on the past by continuing to wallow in the place where he fell. (stop making sad songs: Graffiti, Michael Tribute) 

Andre is truly on a level few understand.

(disclaimer: as a writer I will never assume that my thoughts are the only ones that are correct. But I do feel many took this verse at face value not understanding that it had a strong soul behind it. I may be wrong in the content of this post, but if all it does it motivates you to listen to it again and see it for more, this post has done its job. Thanks for reading it) 


  1. I had to rewind Andre's verse after I first heard. I like this.

  2. I completely agree with this article. Andre always spits knowledge in his raps and is (in my opinion) one of the greatest voices of our generation. Too many people get so hell bent on how someone sounds and flow delivery but don't take the time to listen to the words. There were a few things you mentioned that I did not catch or thought of in a different way that made me go back and listen to it again. But I do belive that andre's verse is speaking from chris' pov. I like his verse the best (not knocking everyone else cuz they all did their thing...well, I could've done without drake's verse in my opinion) because it wasn't bashing an ex girlfriend cuz she pissed him off but yet a reflection of the relationship itself and toward the end of the verse mentioning that it's time to move on. I've seen when people were saying that nicki should've been on there instead of him but I beg to differ. To me, she wouldn't have said anything intriguing. Andre raps smart to make you think deeper than usual. He doesn't need to do any extra stuff cuz he is a true lyricist and his words do all the work for him. Great job again by andre, and great article

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