Sep 10, 2010

Eskmo -’Cloudlight’ (Lorn Remix)

With much of what is out as far as music is concerned, not really being music, when I luck up on good music, I am excited. Digging around the interwebs is one of my favorite pastimes, especially since I am a rebel child and refuse to settle for what is on mainstream radio. To find this little jewel here makes my tired eyes and dissatisfied ears thankful for my due diligence. Eskmo (Brendan Angelides) is his name and electronic music is his talent. 


Colourlight 'Lorn' Remix by

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This track is titled “Cloudlight”

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  1. The name is called "CLOUDLIGHT" ... Not ColourLight...

  2. I actually agree, that is why I stated that with the video... but according to pinboardblog, the remix was labeled "Colourlight"...