Jul 28, 2010

Music That You Don't Need to Sleep On: Conya Doss

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I was introduced to Conya Doss by my itchy internet finger, sleuthing around looking for some new music some years back. I am always in search of music that fills my soul. Going underground in my search happens more often than just being able to turn on the radio or going to the music store. Nowadays it is almost like making in a crack deal in  a back alley when you have to dig and find music worth a listening.

Well Conya Doss is that vocalist that has remained true to the type of music she is capable of, and that we deserve from her. Of course it is not mainstream, but it is ready for your blood stream. Her vocals are undeniable, not overly embellished, but also not so plain that you can't feel what she is singing. 

She is about to come out with her fifth album titled "Blu Transition." If you haven't heard anything from the first four, shame on you, and yes you have been missing out. "What We Gon' Do?" comes from her upcoming album. I hope you enjoy, and support Conya Doss. 







every two years... like clockwork.

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