May 24, 2010

You hate Interracial Relationships, yet you love the product of one?

Sometimes black people make me sick. Nothing more idiotic to me than hating something and then doing something similar to what they hate. For me the race/color issue is not a big deal if it is done where everyone is respecting everyone all around. If I see an interracial couple together, I could care less that they are together, just as long as they treat each other with love and respect.

What makes me mad is two things. I will discuss them as this blog shapes itself.

First I want to know why people get so mad when whites insult blacks, yet we insult ourselves regularly as if it was commonplace? For one, I am sick of black people always getting mad at the white race for the same thing it does to themselves. You are so racially sensitive, that if I was white, I wouldn't want to associate with you either. To constantly have to doctor what I say because you will take it wrong, is just too much to have to do. 

Black people are so racially insensitive to themselves that they have made subcategories of what is attractive and unattractive by what shade the black person is. Go figure. Stop giving white people grief for something we all do on a regular basis to ourselves. Now if someone white lynches someone black, or hinders their civil rights, I am all for fighting for our rights. 

But this skin issue, get over it, because majority of you are racist against our own. Now I am not talking about when you are joking around with one another, but when you are making your kids wear silky lacefront wigs at 5 years old, and lightening their skin with bleaching cream at 9, THEN there is a problem.

Secondly, why do you give a damn about interracial dating yet love the results of one? You are so Pro-Black when Kwanzaa or Martin Luther King's birthday rolls around, yet it stops as soon as February ends. A brown skinned sister can't catch a break in the entertainment industry, because males are chasing the light skin sisters like they are all that is there to populate the Earth. Mind you this mentality is spilling over into the African American Community.

Nothing wrong with having a preference, but when it is a majority ideal to how we should teach our young as to what is attractive and what is not, it is not wise to water down your heritage and then get mad when it turns on you. The KKK doesn't have to do nothing but wait a few centuries and everyone will show the traits that slaves were raped, and that act spilled over till it erased the black race through one element, sex.

So, before you get so upset at interracial dating, take into account your thought process that is askew. You all seem to love the little yellow babies with the "Good Hair" that they make, a brown skin woman in the African American community can't catch a break from the men stepping over her to get to the lighter-skinned black females or the foreigns, as they are called, that black men assume are better than the women that look like their mothers and sisters. Yet we are suppose to assume that the black majority is pro black. Well it is not. You think that the way we think is not affecting the generation coming up behind us?

Look at this.

Enough said...


  1. Great post! And those videos are sumthin special... I cant believe the lil kids really felt the white baby dolls were better, thats crazy! Things like this make me think about society and how messed up it really is! I happen to have 2 mixed/mulatto/biracial whatever term u prefer and they are even as different as day and night and what bothers me is that theyre both beautiful but if I have them both my lighter skinned one usually gets more of the "shes so gorgeous/cute, etc..." messed up right!? I hope everyone can get it together its 2010 lets start teachin our kids better and that the skintone of a person doesnt make them any more or less of a human being!

  2. that whole 2010 shit now its 2012.shit is bs...the lighter you are the better you black and am light skin and my boyfriend is white even though he treats me like a queen we both know its white is what it is...i often feel like bleaching two shades lighter and im considered light skin...hes the one that convinces me not to...and no offense to the woman sbove but your lighter kid will always be considered better looking even if not so..some thongs will never change no matter the year...

  3. Comments like the one above are just ignorant. The shade of a person's skin does NOT make them more beautiful, and it damn sure don't help them to survive any better. There are just as many, if not more, white people receiving public assistance as blacks and other minorities. The state of society today is sickening; it teaches our children self-hatred, and we've completely lost touch with ourselves. Whatever happened to "Love thyself"??? I am a mixed child, and I have children with a black man...they are all different shades and they are ALL BEAUTIFUL!!! The only reason the white/light skinned people are considered better looking; is because that is what the media has portrayed to us is supposed to be beautiful, and we ignorantly accepted it!

    If the light/white skin is so covetted, then why are white women constantly trying to look black? Booty implants, botox....they were made for the white make their lips fuller and their bodies look more shapely like the shapely black woman.

    I'm sorry that YOUR self-esteem is so low that you want to be white....but please, please, don't try to bring others down with you.